If you are wondering about all the choices you have when you invest in a Selene, here is a way to begin to narrow some of them down and get a handle on a ballpark budget. There are many more choices that will become part of a discussion as we begin to work together in the design stage of our process. But why not start thinking now?

Simply select the model you are interested in, and then select the configurations and choices of options that make the best sense for your own cruising style and plans. If it helps, we can set up a phone appointment and go through this together.

Once done, we will confer with the factory and return to you by mail a detailed proposal and specification for review and discussion. It will lead us all closer to the day when you can welcome yourself, your family, and your friends aboard your own Selene and launch years of cruising pleasure. Let's get started. We need a couple of kinds of information to do our best initial job for you:

The choices are yours. Please click the link of the Selene that most matches your needs and interests:

 Selene 38/42Selene 44/47Selene 49Selene 53/56/58/60Selene 62 

Thank you for your interest in Selene Ocean Trawlers, and in Selene Annapolis.