Selene 38

The Selene 38 is designed with the cruising family in mind. This coastal cruiser provides a proven double cabin layout that accommodates four in comfort. She is built with all the same quality and safety of her larger sisters at an attractive and affordable price. With an actual LOA of 41’8”, she is the biggest “38-footer” on the market. The Selene Archer 38 comes equipped with a 220 HP Cummins diesel, standard bow thruster, anchor windlass, full galley, island master berth, separate shower, full guest stateroom with head, and much more.

The delivered and commissioned base price of a new Selene 38 is in the range of $368,600. Most owners select options both from the factory (such as air conditioning, inverter, spurs, genset, etc.) and in the aftermarket during commissioning (such as electronics, lines and ground tackle, dink, etc.) that can add another 10% - 15% to the total cost. For a more complete plan, build your own Selene here.

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Selene 42

The new Selene 42 is the larger sister of the Selene 38, offering the same quality family cruiser with a bit more space. This great cruiser comes equipped with a 220 HP Cummins diesel, bow thruster, anchor windlass, full galley, island master berth, separate shower, full guest stateroom with head, and much more.


The delivered and commissioned base price of a new Selene 42 is in the range of $408,600. Most owners select options both from the factory (such as air conditioning, inverter, spurs, genset, etc.) and in the aftermarket during commissioning (such as electronics, lines and ground tackle, dink, etc.) that can add another 10% - 15% to the total cost. For a more complete plan, build your own Selene here.

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