Selene Ocean Trawlers are cruising everywhere up and down the East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada . . .

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Selene 36 Sojourner

Susan and Carolyn are takingtheir first-ever boat on the Great Loop. Starting from St. Louis they passed through Annapolis hurredly in July, 2009.

Selene 48 My Sharona

 Wayne and Sharon have a very lively site that chronicles all their exploits from New England to the Bahamas in their first full year of cruising their Selene.

Selene 43 Chapter III

  Bill and Jean have campaigned their Selene extensively on the east coast and in the Bahamas. You will enjoy their travels. The site has a very well organized structure - maps and all.

Selene 43 Maerin

  Steve and Barb spent a lot of thoughtful time refitting Maerin, and in 2008/09 they took off, realizing their retirement dream.

Selene 53 Celebrate

Chuck and Andrea campaigned Celebrate for 2-1/2 years, logging 14,000 nm from the Canadian Maritimes to the Far Bahamas, and most everywhere else reachable by water on the east coast. 

Selene 43 Escapade

Ken and Linda are down to the wire preparing for their retirement after several years of Chesapeake cruising.

Selene 62 Southern Pearl

Paul and Laura are off and cruising in their new Selene 62, featured on the cover of Southern Boating Magazine. This venture follows many years of cruising in other of their boats.

Selene 53 Voyager

Les and Rosemary have taken their Selene from Alaska to the US East Coast so far.

Selene 53 Prime Time

Steve and Anneke lived aboard in Houston, readying for their big getaway. In 2007 and on, it was off to the Bahamas for a non-stop fling.

Selene 53 Storyteller

These owners crossed the Pacific in their sailboat, sold it in New Zealand, purchased their Selene, and in 2009 immediately set off for a 1,200 mile run to Tonga on their round the world dream.

Selene 53 Mystic Moon

John and Kathy have cruised Alaska to Mexico and are staging for their next adventure through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean and the east coast.

Selene 43 Wandering Star

Adrian and Jo have taken their dependable Selene 43 from the Pacific Northwest, down the Pacific coast of the US, through the Panama Canal, across the northern reaches of South America, and up through the Caribbean waters on their way to Maine in 2009.

Selene 43 Live Wire

Corey and Linda hung it up in 2004 and have been cruising ever since - the East Coast, Bahamas, and then some.

Selene 55 Blue Grotto

Mike and Renee have just completed the Down East Circle - Hudson River, Lake Erie, St. Lawrence River, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and back to their home near Annapolis.

Selene 48 Furthur

Join Brian as he departs Seattle bound for San Diego, the FUBAR to the Baja, and then a hard right turn bound across the Pacific for the Marquesas as part of his plans to do the Ring of Fire. He will continue to Hong Kong and then head north to Japan, the Aleutians, and finally returning in a couple of years to his home waters in the Pacific Northwest.

Selene 53 Moon Beam

Didi and Peter are now in a new phase of their Great Loop adventure. They left Annapolis area this summer, became expert locking through the Erie and Trent-Severn canals, enjoyed the beauty and drama of the Great Lakes, successfully negotiated the infamous electric fish fence in Chicago, and are now southbound in the river systems to get out of the way of winter.