A Powerful Alliance for Buyers and Sellers of Selenes and other Quality Yachts

Selene Annapolis Yachts is the longest serving Selene dealer in the world. After 11 years of success it is joining the widely respected Luke Brown Yachts organization, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. Luke Brown is already the US Southeast Selene dealer. 

The combined organization will even more effectively serve clients and prospects for new and used Selenes from New York thru the Gulf Coast and inland waters connected thereto. And we will actively represent Selene owners in our expanded brokerage.

Here is why this is important to you as a future buyer or seller:

The Luke Brown organization brings more than two dozen brokers working out of six offices representing buyers and sellers of quality yachts worldwide.

For all of you thinking of buying or selling your yacht, Selene or otherwise, the leverage is phenomenal. Let us work with you to capitalize on this leverage to find the right yacht for you, or to sell your Selene or other quality yacht fairly and efficiently.

Our presence will be felt in nearly 50 MLS organizations, in dozens of boating magazines, in boat shows, and on the website-on-steroids about to launch under the Luke Brown banner, with Selenes featured on its own page within.

A few logistics

For a while, the Selene Annapolis site will still be up but in time visitors will be linked to the new Luke Brown website and its own Selene landing page.

For email, I am reachable both at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and also at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I will be continuing to promote Selenes to my database of owners and prospects while it is being integrated into the Luke Brown database. More later as steps are taken to integrate our enterprises in a way that is smooth, non-disruptive, and supportive of all our owner and prospective owner friends.

Finally, a couple of thoughts . . .

This time of year often seems to inspire some thoughts of turning a proverbial page, so to speak. For some boat owners, that can mean that it might be time to think about a new boat, a different boat, or no boat at all.

Should your thinking turn to selling your Selene or other quality yacht, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the value of our services. These range from marketing your yacht to managing the negotiations, the surveys/sea trials, and the transaction.

You may find these Tips for Selling to be helpful. In addition you may find this list of the most common survey issues  to be helpful, too. Even if you're not in sell mode it is a good checklist  to use going around your own yacht to keep things in good shape.

Should your thinking lean toward purchasing a Selene or other fine yacht, well that's our business too! We can be of value to you in your process. Whether it is one of our listings or one of another brokerage, as your Buyer's Broker we bring expertise and knowledge. Think about it, we do this every day, you are doing it once every several years. We really can help.

As far as new boats are concerned, we stand ready to work with you on the design, build, and delivery of a new Selene. Our Process describes how this partnership works. Luke Brown is also the dealer for Nordic Tugs, Offshore Yachts, and Huckins. We will be responsive to your inquiries.

The company has just completed its tenth year as the factory authorized Selene Trawler dealer in the general east and northeast coast of the US. Now stands as the longest serving Selene dealer in the world. It has been a great trip, great customers past, present, and future!

This year's TrawlerFest, now located at the Bay Bridge Marina, features a Selene 43 and a Selene 48 to be exhibited by Selene Annapolis.

Well, in fact, neither will be there because subsequent to registration, they both went under contract and, understandably, were withdrawn.

There will be a Selene 55 at the show featured by Denison Yacht Sales. An excellent example of Selene style and quality. We should know, we built it for the owner originally.

I will be there attending the Ranger Tugs and will have a lot of supplimental information on all Selenes. Drop by and I will be happy to share information with you.

Chuck Wistar

410-280-0006 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin and Laura Katzke completed their trans-oceanic passage in early July, arriving in Brazil after departing the Cape Verde Is. eight days earlier.

They tell a fascinating, exciting, and enjoyable recounting of this adventure in their log, which you can read their log by clicking here.

8/15/2010 - A rendezvous for any and all Selene owners and enthusiasts has been scheduled for March 13-17 in the beautiful Exuma chain in the Bahamas. Organized by Sharon and Wayne Kirchner, owners of Selene 48 My Sharona, the five days will include stops at several outstanding ports of call, tons of activities, and socializing all the way. A 3-page .pdf brochure describes the event. Contact us for a copy.

Here's a brief video tour and description of Selene 47, Holiday, at the September 2009 TrawlerFest. Holiday won the coveted People's Choice Award at that event, the third People's Choice Award for a Selene in the last three years!

The first "Next Generation" Selene 56 has been released from the mold, beautifully finished and completed with stringers, fuel tanks, and watertight bulkheads. Traveling to China in early December, Ian Morris and Chuck Wistar admired the latest breakthrough in the evolved Selene line.

The new mold, built from scratch, features the innovative Deep Hull and Cruiser Stern. The Deep Hull concept turns the chines toward the keel much deeper in the water, but the keel is not lowered. Maintaining the same draft as the first generation models, the Selene 56 features 6' headroom in the engine room, and much of that increased headroom carries aft thru the lazarette.

For the third year in a row, a Selene was selected as the "Peoples' Choice" - the best boat in the show - as voted by the hundreds of attendees at PassageMaker Magazine's 2009 TrawlerFest in Solomons, MD. Holiday, the first Next Generation Selene 47 in the world was the hit of the show. She has been beautifully specified by her owners who have now departed on a one-week shakedown cruise.

Just prior to the award announcement at Saturday evening's dinner, a successful bidder at the traditional charity auction won a 4-day weekend aboard Holiday during its 2010 charter season.

The Tiffany crystal bowl award was presented by PassageMaker's Publisher and its Editor-in-Chief to the owners, to Jet Tern Marine, and to Selene Annapolis Yachts.

People's Choice

More and more, cruisers are finding tools that are fun and easy to use to chronicle their adventures aboard their Selenes. Check out the latest ones: Blue Grotto completed the Down East Circle Route and Furthur is beginning a trans-Pacific odyssey.

Just click on the Selene Owners' Website link to read these and many, many others. (

Selene Annapolis Yachts has recently added a charter division to their yacht and brokerage company and is offering charter opportunities on board select Selene yachts in the Chesapeake Bay area. A Selene 53 has been available for charter since last fall and hull number one of the next generation Selene 47 will join the charter fleet once commissioning is complete. Charter packages are available with a four day minimum from April through November. The Selene 53 has been chartered twice already since June with a third charter booked for September and a fourth in October.

Holiday, the first Next Generation Selene 47 has arrived in the US for commissioning by Selene Annapolis Yachts. She was offloaded from a container ship the night of August 27, taken to Norfolk for initial inspection, and will travel to Solomons, MD for commissioning.

In its first ten years, Jet Tern Marine has delivered close to 400 Selene Ocean Trawlers in sizes ranging from 36 to 66 feet. Selenes are arguably the most successful launch of a generation of quality yachts designed for serious passagemaking, yet graceful and comfortable for extended coastal cruising.

Not satisfied with the status quo, however, Howard Chen, designer of the Selene line, and founder and CEO of Jet Tern Marine, has announced the next generation of Selenes based on all new molds and tooling that reflect advances in hull efficiency, seakeeping, comfort, capacity, and style.

This next generation is evolved from the hundreds of Selenes previously delivered. New hydrodynamic studies have proven the benefits of a new generation of hull design. Accompanying improvements in interior layout and upgrades to standard equipment are the result of suggestions by dealers around the world and feedback from customers.

Many Selene owners keep friends, family, and enthusiasts up to date on their cruising adventures. From Alaska to New Zealand to the Baja, Panama Canal, Caribbean, Bahamas, and the US east coast, here are stories from just a few. Read more . . .
The second to make it's maiden voyage a straight shot from Hong Kong to Singapore!
Click here for more information.
A site developed by and for Selene owners and enthusiasts has been launched. It is the next generation from the “list” system that has been used for several years to offer, seek, and share information about Selenes and the Selene experience. Check it out at Enroll, and be kept up to date, search archives, post your thoughts.
By vote of over 2,000 attendees at the largest Trawler Fest ever held, the Selene 53 was selected as the "People's Choice" over more than 60 other trawlers presented at the Solomons, MD event.

This is truly an honor and a credit to the design, construction, systems, and finish of the Selene 53. It is also a credit to Peddler III’s owners, Carole and Joe Sarnowski, who have decorated, equipped, and commissioned their yacht in an elegant yet practical fashion appropriate to their Canada-to-Bahamas cruising plans, which include frequent visits from family and friends.

An innovative new hull modification is now standard on Selene 38, 42, 44, 47, 49, 53, 56, 58, and 60. It has many benefits to the Selene owner.

MMS is a comprehensive maintenance and spare parts management solution that helps owners optimize the safety, availability, performance, and value of their yacht. MMS is designed for self-reliant owners and operators that intend to use their yachts for extended coastal and offshore cruising.

In response to many customers and prospective customers, Team Selene Annapolis worked with Howard Chen, President of Jet Tern Marine, to develop a new choice for owners of the very popular Selene 53 Ocean Trawler. On its twin-engine version, the draft may be reduced by a full 9”, from 5’9” to 5’0”.

Lunar Lady, the Selene 40 delivered by Selene Annapolis last year is the cover feature of the September issue of PassageMaker Magazine. 17 amazing pages of pictures, information, and great descriptions of our customer's outstanding yacht. Click here or on image to download cover story.